Textile: Export & Wholesale

Why Do We Prefer to Work as Small Businesses?
As a factory exporter in Pakistan, we strive for stability. Vision Syndicate prefers to work with multiple small businesses rather than one large one. This approach is more complex and time-consuming. But thanks to this approach, we keep all our promises even in the Covid crises globally.
The larger the customer, who is constantly on the move and active the manufacturer is over time. We prefer to work with small businesses to become an economically and intellectually independent company. In this way, we can further develop ourselves as an active, creative and flexible manufacturer in Pakistan.
Quality Control
Many businessmen believe that investing in quality control is an additional cost of raising the price of a product. This is true at first, but in the medium to long term, well-thought-out quality control will maintain and double your profits. Based on our experience, production without quality control results in the shipment of defective products in the amount of 2% to 4%. 
If the manufacturer not aware of defect prior to shipment, it is most likely you will learn about the defective goods after you buy, bring, pay customs, pay VAT and additional storage periods in the warehouse. 
In most cases, defective products are not for sale. On average, up to 5% of profits are lost from each shipment. This is another hidden expense item that many exporters and importers do not immediately see. We always consider the quality of our products and strive to reduce and maintain the percentage of defective products by 0%.
Knowledge Is Our Strength
As a supplier with different clientele around the world, we are always aware of new technologies and trends. Similarly, we are constantly working with Research and Development laboratories and have the latest information on innovations in our industry. 
Thanks to this, we can predict new trends, offer relevant products and avoid mistakes of other manufacturers. Dealing with us will immediately help you in gaining a technological advantage over your competitors.
Good Business Connections
Our presence in the market since 2006 gives the same important privileges as established contacts with important manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers in the industry. 
This is valuable knowledge: 
• Personal acquaintance with the owners of Pakistani factories 
• Access to the economical prices and terms of cooperation 
• Comprehensive information about the quality of products
 • We have close ties with shipping companies. 
Our shipping solutions are economical and safer compared to foreign agents.
The Budget is Protected
As a responsible supplier and exporter, your budget will be protected. 
Your advantages over competitors: 
• Advice on the product that is most suitable for you 
• Provision of samples before the start of production of the order 
• Clearly defined terms of the contract, nuances and their observance 
• No unforeseen costs in production, export and transportation 
• Delivery under our control: low tariffs, 
correct export documents, shortest routes • At this stage, Vision-Syndicate will save you a minimum of $1,000-$3,000 on each order. Savings on average reach 10%.

Fabric Wholesale

Cotton Danier

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Poly-Cotton (65/35) %

Poly-Cotton (50/50) %

Cotton Denier

100% Cotton

Available Articles


  • Plan
  • Twin
  • Dyed
  • PC Mixed
  • 100% Cotton
  • Micro Fiber
  • Linen


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