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Physical Quality Testing Equipment

The SpectraAlyzer FLEX is an analyzer that can be adapted to individual needs. This allows parameters of a wide variety of products to be analyzed and monitored. Independent of the sample type, quality checks can be realized.
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Thermomechanical Fatigue Test Systems are able to replicate the real-world service conditions of these components and simulate the complex effects of simultaneous thermal and mechanical strain. ASTM E2368-04 and ISO 12111 standards
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Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) has been designed to carry out, tried and proven test specifications in accordance with international standards. Providing fast, accurate data and meeting the requirements of a modern testing laboratory
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Physical Testing Equipment

 Electro-medical and Analytical Equipment  Mechanical, Electronic instruments  Material Science Testing Equipment  Testing Equipment for Rubber, Plastic, Metal and Polymer.  Educational Trainers  Safety Products, Construction Materials  Chemicals, Raw Materials & General Merchandise